The Following Game

'The Following Game is tremendously good'
Christopher Reid, winner of the Costa Book of the Year 2009

'A wonderfully subtle auto-biography'
The Observer

'Smith's book is a celebration of the spirit of competition'
The Indian Express

Summer in February

'Engrossing and surprisingly dark'
The Sunday Telegraph

'This would work beautifully on the screen'
The Spectator

'Wonderfully fresh and uncondescending'
The Sunday Telegraph

Night Windows

'A sophisticated thriller worthy of Hitchcock'
Books of the Year, The Observer

'A brilliant novel with a stunningly logical pay-off'
The Scotsman

'...could have been the screenplay for a Hitchcock film...'
The Sunday Telegraph

The Learning Game

'True, wise, morale-boosting'
Peter Conrad, The Observer

'I enjoyed every word...this is an honest and intelligent book. It is about growing up and growing old and what, in the end, matters most as we try to help the next generation become just that little bit more creative and sensitive, thoughtful and resilient'
Chris Woodhead, The Sunday Telegraph

'Sane and fascinating...a passionate love letter to the only profession in which "you can try your hand at so many things"'
Craig Brown, The Mail on Sunday

'The only book on teaching that's not boring'
Matthew Parris

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith has written six novels and is a distinguished radio dramatist.

Wilfred and Eileen was made into a BBC TV serial.

Summer in February, now in its tenth reprint, was shortlisted for the Hawthornden Prize.

The Last Bark of the Bulldog was nominated for the Sony Award, Best Radio Play of 2003.

'An excellent and subtle novelist'
A.S. Byatt

'Subtle,accomplished and absorbing...A real and serious talent'
Margaret Drabble

'Jonathan Smith is the leading writer-teacher of his day in Britain'
Dr Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College, Biographer of Major and Blair